Easy Gradient Scarf Project Idea

Easy Gradient Scarf Project Idea

Posted by Amy and Emily on Apr 6th 2022

We love letting the yarn work for us to create beautiful plain weave projects. We used one ball of Hikoo Concentric Baby Alpaca yarn to create a beautiful gradient scarf that was super easy to weave up! This is a really unique yarn that is made of 4 non-plied strands that create the gradient look of the cake! The yarn is 100% Baby Alpaca so it's incredibly soft! We used Trixie - 1027 to create our pink and grey scarf. 

Materials Needed

- Loom, we used the  Ashford Knitter's Loom but you can use any loom.

7.5 (or 8) Dent Rigid Heddle or Reed

- 1 Ball of  Hikoo Concentric Baby Alpaca Yarn

- Scissors

- Paper for Warp Separation

- Fringe Twister, this is optional

Pattern: Plain Weave

We wrote this pattern up for a Rigid Heddle Loom but you can also use a Floor Loom or a Table Loom! Check out our blog post, How to Create Plain Weave on a Multi Harness Loom if you need help setting up your treadles!


We created a 100” long warp with 73 ends that was 9.73" wide. We left some extra wiggle room yarn because we weren't sure how much weft we would need. After making our project we've calculated that you could go up to 79 picks or 10.5" inches wide. You don't need to do anything special to create the gradient in the warp, just warp as you normally would without stopping and it will make the gradient for you! 


It is important to mind how you are weaving your shuttles when you work with a yarn that has a gradient effect. The same technique we use in our Watercolor Scarf Project will work to keep your gradient in the correct order! We have a full YouTube Video for this technique here: 

The Hikoo Concentric Baby Alpaca yarn is made up of 4 strands that are not plied together. This makes it really easy to manage your ends in your weft to create a more consistent weave. You can use the same technique we use in this Weaving With A Doubled Up Weft on a Stick Shuttle Video to manage your ends! You'll just have 4 ends to split up instead of 2! 

We wove our scarf at 8 ppi until the woven length measured 75" off tension. We left enough warp unwoven to create 4" fringe. Our fringe was made by twisting bundles of 2 working ends (remember each working end is made of 4 un-plied strands in this yarn!) together in each clip of our fringe twister, then letting them twist together to create twisted bundles of 4 total working ends. 

The finished scarf is so luxuriously soft and drapey because of the 100% Baby Alpaca yarn. We loved working with this unique yarn, the striped gradient look that the un-plied color gradient creates in the warp is so beautiful.  Hikoo Concentric Baby Alpaca Yarn comes in 12 different beautiful gradients that would all weave up into wonderful scarves!