Ask Nancy: Churro Rug Warp Sett

Ask Nancy: Churro Rug Warp Sett

Posted by Nancy on Apr 6th 2020

Dear Nancy: What sett (epi) do you recommend for the Churro Wool Rug Yarn

Dear Customer: 

The sett on the Churro Wool Rug Yarn has a lot of variation possible on it, since it’s intended to be warp for a weft-faced application, and not really used in a balanced plain weave. When sett recommendations are given for a certain yarn, we usually see a range that covers plain weave on the lower end of the range, up to twill, on the higher end of the range. Totally weft-faced items like a rug fall completely outside of that, and depend entirely on the size of the weft used, and what it takes to adequately cover the warp with THAT weft.

At a guess, not knowing what weft you are using and just throwing a WAG at it, I would say, given a bulky weft like the Halcyon rug yarn, or the dyed Churro weft yarn, that 4 to 6 is a good range to start your sampling at. That’s about as definitive as I can be without being able to sample with your chosen weft.