A New Color Way with Bumberet: Weaving Pattern & Tutorial

A New Color Way with Bumberet: Weaving Pattern & Tutorial

Posted by Elizabeth & Amy on Feb 10th 2023

A few years ago we shared a bumberet towel pattern, but we've added a few new colors to our Bluegrass Mills 6/2 collection and wanted to highlight them with this project! 

When Amy started warping this towel using Bluegrass Mills 6/2 in these colors everyone in the shop immediately thought: Mardi Gras! And since it’s that time of year, what better way to inspire weavers to join in our annual Weave-Off event before our sale on Bluegrass Mills 6/2 cotton ends on February 20th.

If you aren't familiar, The Woolery Weave-Off is our annual weaving contest with prizes where we donate all the towels we receive to a local women's shelter. All the towels must be woven in Bluegrass Mills 6/2 Cotton Yarn or Bluegrass Mills Hemp and postmarked by May 19th, 2023. You can see the full details for the contest here.

Amy wove two towels with this warp: one at 18 epi and one at 16 epi. After weaving the first at 18 epi and deciding it felt a bit too stiff, she switched out the reed to see what 16 epi would do. We have a quick video on how to do that without having to re-thread your warp that might save you some time in the future!

Now, let’s get to all the project details!

Equipment Needed

- 4 shaft loom, at least 20” weaving width

- 8 dent reed

- 1 shuttle


Warp:Bluegrass Mills 6/2 Cotton: 1008 yards Orchid, 264 yards Lemongrass, 132 yards Dandelion

Weft:Bluegrass Mills 6/2 Cotton: ~245 yards Orchid per towel at 15 ppi


Warp: 16 epi (2 ends per dent in an 8 dent reed); 344 ends total

Weft: 15 ppi


Width in reed: ~21.5”

Woven length: 30”

Finished size: approximately 18.25” x 25.75”

This project is fairly simple and you can switch out the colors as you see fit. As far as the weft sequence, continue the treadle pattern until your desired length as well as leaving a few inches at both ends in a plain weave for your hem! 


*click to englarge*

Whether you’re entering the Woolery Weave-Off or keeping a towel for yourself, we would love to see anything you weave in the Bumberet draft!

Happy weaving!