Crayon Color Connection

Crayon Color Connection

Mar 13th 2019

Color matching yarn over the internet can be difficult. Everyone's screen is color balanced differently and has different backlighting settings. Not to mention the fact that, even if we were sitting next to each other in the same room, what I describe as "maroon" might be different than what you consider to be "maroon". Remember the dress that broke the internet?

Some people saw it as blue with black lace and some people saw it as white with gold lace. Scientists and people of the internet determined that your brain makes certain assumptions about color based off the type of lighting you assume is present. This drawing illustrates this nicely:

What does all of this have to do with yarn? Like I said, color matching yarn over the internet can be extremely difficult. It's hard to know the exact color of a yarn you're buying without seeing it in person. We do our best to keep our photos color accurate but with screens, perception, etc, there is still room for confusion!

Bluegrass Mills Color CardThe absolute best way to avoid this is to purchase the color card of a yarn you are buying. That way you have a little sample of the actual yarn that you can carry around with you and look at in different lighting scenarios to make sure it's the color you want! You can also color compare it with other yarns you have to make sure different colors are going to go well together in a project.

Color cards don't always work though because maybe the yarn line you need doesn't have a color card, or maybe you need the yarn faster than ordering a color card and then picking the right color and ordering the yarn separately. You could even just need one cone/skein of a particular yarn, so you don't want to pay for a whole color card.

Our next best suggestion is to use a Pantone swatch book and call one of our customer service representatives to help you match a yarn to the Pantone color you've picked out. Pantone makes sure their colors are printed consistently so this is a pretty surefire way to know we are talking about this same color!

We love Pantone and find it extremely useful around the shop, but we understand that if you're just trying to color match one yarn or don't think you'd have a use for the books that they might be cost prohibitive to you. If this is the case, we still have a solution for you to have accurately color matched yarns... crayons!

Crayons are not cost prohibitive, they're easily found at most major retailers, and have a wide variety of colors. We have a 152 pack of Crayola crayons in the shop. You can pick up a box of Crayola crayons (it is important that you use Crayola brand so we match!), pick out the color that you are aiming to find yarn to match, and give us a call. We'll pick out a yarn to match the crayon color you chose and we'll all be on the same page about exactly what hue you're going for. This solves concern about having different ideas about "maroon", screen color balancing, and back lighting. So grab some crayons, give us a call and get the perfect color yarn you've been searching for!