What’s New At The Woolery – August 2018

What’s New At The Woolery – August 2018

Aug 10th 2018

While Fall/Winter might be our favorite seasons (because of all the warm woolies!), we also love the Summer because it's the perfect time to stock up on some new products. We have all types of exciting things to show you this month.

African Fair Trade Stash Basket

African Fair Trade Basket

We've had Fair Trade baskets before, but these are special because they are HUGE. You can fit a massive amount of your fiber stash in this 18-20" tall 16-20" diameter basket. Plus, you can feel good about your basket because proceeds from the sale help to provide healthcare, school fees, and community buildings for the weavers and their children.

Galina Turkish Spindles

Galina Turkish Spindles

These handcrafted spindles come in 3 different sizes, Small, Medium, and Tiny! We also have 4 different wood options for you; Beechwood, Mahogany, Wenge, and Zebrawood. The quality of the craftsmanship of these is very impressive.

Galina Hand Painted Turkish Spindles

Galina Hand Painted Spindles

How cute are those little sheep! We're completely head over heels for these new handcrafted Turkish spindles featuring adorable hand painted designs. These are complete spindles with all three parts, the photo above just shows the separate cross arms so you can see the designs. Right now we have sheep, alpacas, and rose designs. We're able to get different ones as well so if you have suggestions on what spindle designs you'd like to see let us know in the comments!

Handywoman Pattern Stick Shuttles

Handywoman Pattern Stick Shuttles

Pattern shuttles are used to create interesting patterns in your weaving projects. The Handywoman Pattern stick shuttles have a gentle curve on one side and a more severe curve pattern on the other. These are laser cut and then the edges are beveled by hand to aid in beating the pattern into place. Each shuttle is handmade and hand sanded and waxed to a satin shine so no two will be exactly alike.

Pineapple Fiber Top

Pineapple Top

If you're into trying new and unique fibers, this Pineapple Fiber Top is going be right up your alley. This biodegradable cellulose fiber is harvested from actual pineapple plants. It's cool to the touch so it makes for an excellent summertime next to skin fabric. Also, we can't stop thinking about spinning it together with our Banana Top and Milk Protein Top to make a tropical fruit smoothie yarn!

Bluegrass Mills Hemp Yarn

Bluegrass Mills Hemp Yarn

Our hemp yarn is derived from line fiber from the highest quality European fair trade hemp. This hemp is processed in the traditional manner of water rettting, breaking, scutching and hackling which produces the high quality long fiber. This is not "cottonized" hemp fiber produced by harsh chemical treatment.

In other news, we have a brand new floor model that we're really excited about! It comes flat packed in these boxes:

Any guesses to what it is? Keen eyes will spot that it's from Ashford.


Hmmm what could it be? Is that a shuttle in the far right corner?

It's the Ashford Jack Loom!

Ashford Jack Loom

It's back after 10 years of being out of of production! Ashford brought their Jack Loom back by popular demand and we couldn't be more excited. We currently have the only floor model in North America! So if you're interested in seeing this loom in person, plan a trip to visit us!