Color Exploration with Leftover Yarn & Singles

Color Exploration with Leftover Yarn & Singles

Jun 7th 2016

We all have leftover bits of handspun singles or yarn from weaving, knitting and crochet project. Put those little bits and bobs to work by using them to experiment with color schemes you might not normally try in a full-scale project - you may just find a winning combination along the way!

The Schacht Zoom Loom is a fun way to play with color combinations, color dominance, and color placement. 

Explore color for your next project with the Schacht Zoom Loom!

If you're not sure how to choose colors to experiment with, one of our favorite sources for inspiration is Design Seeds. We chose this summery palette for our first example on today's post:


These Zoom Loom squares were woven using the same three colors of yarn, inspired by the above palette. You can experiment with which color is used for warp or weft to see how the dominance of a particular color affects the finished square.

Explore color combinations & color dominance with the Schacht Zoom Loom.

Another fun way to use the Zoom Loom is to weave with a variegated yarn; if the colors are repeated in a pattern, you can get some interesting results!

Try weaving on the Schacht Zoom Loom with hand-dyed variegated yarns!

Best of all, you can use all of your finished squares to create fun projects - click here for free patterns using Zoom Loom squares!

Most spinners probably have a lot of leftover singles from past multi-ply projects. Here is another opportunity to pair up unlikely colors to see how they look plied together, without having to commit your time and resources to a full-scale project!

Got leftover singles?

Sometimes, the most unlikely color combinations look the best. Dare yourself to try the thing that you are certain won't work. Since you're using leftover bits, you have nothing to lose, and sometimes the results can be surprising. All of these skeins were created using leftover bits of singles spun with dyed yarns.

Handspun yarn - all of these projects were made with leftover singles plied together at random!

You can also try pairing up a natural-colored single with a dyed yarn to create a marbled effect:

Handspun yarn - pair up a natural single with a dyed single to see what happens!

For more colorful  inspiration, click here to check out our new Color Exploration board on Pinterest!

All the Best,

Wave, Perri & the entire Woolery Team