Free Weaving Pattern & Weaving Loom Primer

Free Weaving Pattern & Weaving Loom Primer

Dec 8th 2015

As our gift to you this holiday season, please enjoy this free PDF card weaving pattern, Sugar Pines by Jane Patrick! This is a fun & festive project which can be used as a sash, tieback, or even a pet leash! Click here for your free PDF, courtesy of the Woolery.


In our ongoing quest to share informative videos on our YouTube channel, we have two new Ask the Woolery videos to share with you today. First, we give an overview of the many types of looms available to today's weaver, from the portable pin looms such as the popular Schacht Zoom Loom, all the way up to table and floor looms. Finding the perfect loom is a personal choice which depends on several factors, namely: which types of projects you wish to weave, your budget, and how comfortable you find each loom. Watch the video below to explore these areas in-depth to help you get a better idea of which loom is right for you! 

In our next video, we explore floor looms in greater detail by explaining the difference between Jack, Counterbalance, and Countermarche Looms. The short answer? Each term refers to the different ways in which each style creates a shed (the space created when a treadle is lifted or lowered). See each style of loom in action in this short video:

We hope these latest videos help guide you to your perfect weaving loom! You can view more videos here YouTube; to suggest topics for future Ask the Woolery videos, please visit our Ravelry group.

All the Best,

Wave, Perri and the entire Woolery Team