Measuring Yarn: We'll Show You How!

Measuring Yarn: We'll Show You How!

Aug 6th 2013


Have you ever come across a skein of yarn in your stash that is missing its label, a partially-used cone of yarn, or just wanted to know how much yarn you had left after finishing a project? One of our brand-new arrivals at the shop will help you solve your yarn mysteries!

Our new Yarn Balance was designed to replace the McMorran Yarn Balance, which is no longer in production. It's just as easy to use as the original, and it's an invaluable tool for calculating your yardage!

There are four easy steps to solving your yarn mysteries:

1. Place your Yarn Balance on a level surface that allows plenty of room for your yarn to hang as pictured. The edge of a sturdy table will do quite nicely! Set the pins of the small balancing arm into the small notches on the top of the box, then lay a length of yarn in the notch of the balance, allowing the yarn to hang:


2. With a pair of scissors, trim the length of yarn, cutting a little at a time, until the balancing arm is level.


3. When the arm is level, remove the length of yarn from the balance.


4. Measure the length of your yarn with a ruler. Multiply the measurement x 100 - this measurement gives you the number are yards per pound of yarn (ypp).


Note: If you are measuring bumpy, slubby or a handspun yarn, the measurement may not be accurate due to inconsistencies in the yarn, but it will give you an approximate estimate. 

All the best,

Chris, Nancy, and the entire Woolery team