Basic Instruction for Acid Dye

Instructions to Dye one pound of fiber with Acid Dyes

Fibers or yarn should be washed before dyeing to remove oil, dirt, or sizings. You may dye over any already existing colors.

Put 1/4 oz. of dye powder into a cup and add tiny amount of water to make a paste. Add more warm water to dissolve. Add less dye for pale shades.

Put 2.5 gallons of lukewarm water into dyepot. Put in the dissolved dye (from Step 1) and stir to distrbute.

Put in clean, wet yarn, fiber or fabic and stir gently. Leave soaking to 10 minutes with no heat added. Then gradually heat the dyepot for 10 minutes or so to about 120 degrees F. Gently poke the yarns to help the dye penetrate evenly.

Set dye by adding 2 cups of white vinegar (if dyeing 1/2 pounds of yarn, add 1 cup of vinegar). Stir gently first 5 minutes or so after adding vinegar, then every 4-5 minutes. It should take 30 minutes or so for the dye water to reach a full simmer. (190-212 degrees). Hold at this temperature and stir gently and occasionally for thirty minutes or so until desired color is reached or until water is almost clear. NOTE: It does not harm wool to boil as long as it is not temperature " shocked" by changing from hot to cold too suddenly.

Remove yarns from pot and rinse in hot water. Wash in warm, soapy water and rinse. Squeeze yarns in towel or spin in washing machine ( don't let spray hit them). These dyes do not stain sinks or pots.


• Use enamel or stainless dye pots. DO NOT USE aluminum or galvanized. Do not use this pot for food.

• DO NOT immerse arms or hands in dye. Do not take internally. Avoid breathing dye powder.


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