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Spinning Fibers

Top - Fiber is combed to provide spinning fiber in which all the fibers are parallel. This preparation of fiber is best suited to worsted or semi worsted spinning.

Roving - Fiber is carded, usually commercially, into a long continuous cord that is @ 2"-3" thick. The fibers are going in multiple directions (but generally more aligned than a rolag or batt). This preparation of fiber is best suited to woolen spinning.

Sliver - a thinner version of roving.

Rolag - Fiber is hand carded and pulled from the cards. Forms a fluffy roll of fiber.

Batt - Fiber is drum carded and pulled from the drum carder. Forms a blanket of fiber.

Fiber Discounts*
Purchase $150 worth of fiber and get 10% off.
Purchase $300 or more of fiber and get 15% off.

Offer does not apply to any fibers noted as discontinued or specials or sales.

If ordering on the phone, please remind us of the discount - thanks!