Rag Weaving Materials

  • Feza Alp Premier Yarn

    Inspired by visual spectacles in outer space, this
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  • Cotton Knit Rag Strips

    Cotton knit rag available in several solid color o
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  • Weaving Selvedge

    Prime selvedge that has been hand picked and sorte
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Rag Weaving Materials

We have a wide variety of selvedge and other unique materials suitable from rag weaving.

Shop our selection of rag weaving materials, rag rug supplies, cotton loops, selvedge, yarn and more.

Selvedge - The edges that run parallel to the warp created by the weft thread looping back at the end of each row. These are typically removed once the woven fabric is taken off of an industrial loom. Each pound of selvedge will yield approximately 1 square foot of rug.