• Glimakra Wood Temples

    S/.154.83 - S/.172.83
    A very helpful device to maintain the warp width a
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  • Leclerc Clip Temple Kit

    Clip temples put tension on the selvage edges of y
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  • Leclerc Wood Temples

    S/.172.83 - S/.450.09
    A very helpful device to maintain the warp width a
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  • Metal Temples

    S/.289.86 - S/.368.17
    Temples are a very helpful device to maintain the
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Very helpful devices to maintain the warp width as sleyed in the reed and prevent narrowing.

Choose wood or metal; each comes in several sizes:

  • Wood Temples:

    • Extra-small for 11" to 16"
    • Small for 16" to 22"
    • Medium for 23" to 38"
    • Large for 36" to 60"
  • Metal Temples:

    • Small for 16" to 24"
    • Medium for 24" to 37"
    • Large for 32" to 52"
    • Extra large for 39" to 63"

Temples will improve your selvages, your weaving speed and comfort, improve the quality of your weaving, allow you to get a tighter weave, allow you to get a more even beat and make beating easier. As a result, your wefts will be straight and your selvages will also be better.

Download from Glimakra - How to Use a Temple

If you don't find exactly what you want, or would like a temple recommendation, please call the shop directly at 800-441-9665 or contact us for assistance.