Harrisville Looms Parts & Accessories

  • Harrisville Wood Bobbin - 4"

    4" wood bobbin for use on a variety of boat shuttl
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  • Leclerc Reed Hook

    Suitable for all types of yarn. Plastic constructi
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  • Harrisville Stick Shuttle

    Flat 8" shuttle. Use with a rigid heddle, tapestry
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  • Harrisville Reed Rack

    A great way to store and protect your reeds. Made
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  • Harrisville Cone Holder

    Built with hardwood base and 4 dowels to hold your
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  • Harrisville Boat Shuttle

    A 12" maple shuttle includes a 4" wooden bobbin (i
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  • Harrisville Shuttlette

    An 8" maple shuttlette includes a 4" wooden bobbin
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  • Harrisville Warping Reel

    This reel has the capacity to wind 20 yds. of warp
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  • Harrisville Bobbin Winder Belt

    Replacement drive belt for the Harrisville Bobbin
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  • Harrisville Bench Kit

    $280.00 - $360.00
    These are made of solid hardwood (unfinished) with
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  • Harrisville Wonder Wand

    A wooden shed equalizer that helps young hands kee
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  • Harrisville Crank Handle

    Please note that this replacement crank handle's s
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Harrisville Looms Parts & Accessories

Please note that replacement parts or expansion kits for an older loom (more than 5 years or so) may require a bit of TLC to install and work properly. Simply put, that while the parts will be correct for your loom (as determined by the serial number), they still may not live totally comfortably together without some careful adjusting. Experienced parts that have lived and worn together sometimes simply don’t play nicely with new parts. In any event, our crack Customer Service Team is ready and able to assist when it comes to these type of issues.