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Seeknit Square Weaving Loom

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Seeknit Square Weaving Loom



This economical plate loom is the perfect way to use up your stash! With only a few grams of yarn you can weave 4x4 squares that can be joined together to create a variety of projects, from coasters to shawls.

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

Product Details:

KA Square Weaving Loom - 4" x 4" Loom

KA Square Weaving Loom - 4 x 4 Loom
Note: this is a small, thin plastic weaving square. If you want a more substantial loom, choose the Schacht Zoom loom or other pin looms here.

Make a great gift for Knitters! Make an original coaster, place mat, shawl and other fun and useful things, joining the woven fabric squares! Easy-to-make - Take yarn and weave on the KA square weaving loom for warp, weft, warp. Weave the second weft using darning needle. Finish! You can make fabric easily with KA Square weaving loom from leftover yarns. approx. 2g of yarn and a 2-strand or 8ply coaster with a 1-strand coaster with soft and rough texture needs only tighter texture needs approx. 4g of yarn. The notch breadth is just the right size for sock yarn.

- Finished Dimensions 4x4 inches (10x10 cm)
- Size: 4"x4"

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