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Hokett Mini Warping Reel

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Handmade by Jim Hokett. Great for people who do short warps on a floor loom or rigid heddle looms. Easily disassembled for storage.

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

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Product Details:

Hokett Mini Warping Reel

Faster and Easier on your arms - vs. a warping Board or Warping Pegs!
Great for people who do short warps like the Cricket and other rigid heddle looms, or any time you need a shorter warp for your floor loom. Easily disassembled for storage. Very high on the "cute” factor! 2 adjustable fixtures with 3 pegs each to establish the "cross". For warps up to 7 yards (depending on weight of yarn).

This vertical warping reel is constructed of pine in a natural finish – exotic wood for base riser and finial & the dowels are Birch or Maple. Turned finial that's threaded onto the shaft. 1 yard circumference. About 14” wide and 17” tall. Very high on the "cute” factor! 2 adjustable fixtures with 3 pegs each to establish the "cross".

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Absurdly cute for a fully functional tool Review by Sillybear
If you don't always direct-warp, this little reel is perfect for rigid heddle looms, or a Glimakra Band Loom, and so much easier than pegs or boards. (It is not designed or intended to wind that giant warp for your 60" CM loom.) It's nicely balanced even when both fixtures end up on the same side. I got it because I don't always want to haul my big HD reel out of the storage unit to do teeny little warps, especially in bad weather. The cutie pie reel takes abut as much space as a ginger jar lamp, I'm sure you are not exactly supposed to, but if you are winding a two color warp, you can park the cone of Color #1 on the finial at the top while you are doing Color #2, and save a whole bunch of time and trouble. The reel is unfinished. I'm going to treat mine with some hemp oil. Great little reel, and the Woolery's stellar customer service. (Posted on 4/3/2017)

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