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Harrisville Easy Weave

This children's loom comes warped and ready to go (as pictured). Weave runners, scarves, doll blankets or sew strips together to make placemats, pillow covers, clothing, etc. Made of beautifully finished maple wood, this loom is ideal for beginners or someone needing limited width. Yarn provided is 100% wool. An Oppenheim Portfolio "Best Toy" Award.

The 6.5" Easy Weaver A comes warped and with yarn for the weft; 6.5" by 2.5 yards.

The Easy Weaver B is the same as A but bigger (15" weaving width) and comes with 3.5 yards of warp; warped and ready to weave with weft yarn.

Both the A and B include two stick shuttles, 8-dent heddle, instruction booklet, new shedmaker (as pictured above) and bonus project book ("Easy Weaver Book of Project Ideas")!

Useful and informative companions for these looms are the book "Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaving" and the DVD "Rigid Heddle Weaving."

2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)