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Beka Rigid Heddle Looms

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SKU: xxx10564


Beka Rigid Heddle Looms are available in two weaving widths: 20 and 24 inches. Starting price shown. Select for more pricing and information.
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Product Details:

Beka Rigid Heddle Looms

These looms are good beginner looms, yet they are also used by professionals. Lightweight and portable, they feature beam teeth for ease in warping (nice for tapestry too!) and can easily handle up to 5 yards. They come in 20 or 24 inch weaving widths. Each includes one 10-dent heddle, 2 stick shuttles, a pickup stick, separate heddle blocks, sleying hook and complete instructions. All are finished with Danish oil, made of cherry and feature a ratchet tension system in addition to steel beamed friction system.


  • Loom stand
  • Extra rigid heddles

Suggestions: Good companions for these looms are the book "Hands on Rigid Heddle Weaaving", the video "Rigid Heddle Weaving", the Schacht or Leclerc warping pegs, or the Beka 4.5, Leclerc 6.5 or Beka 9 yard warping board, a tube or two of Maysville cotton warp and a skein or two of worsted wool yarn.

Please note that in normal use, you may find it difficult to do direct-warping on a Beka loom, as the heddle blocks do not have a neutral position to hold the heddle in place for you while you thread it.

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