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Harrisville Floor Looms

Harrisville looms are a great value and come fully assembled or as unfinished kits (with sandpaper and oil included). All looms come with a stainless steel reed of your choice ( 8, 10, or 12 dent) and large eye wire heddles. Shuttles are extra. Sectional warp beams, which allow the warp to be easily and quickly beamed by one person, are available for all looms. Tool trays, raddles and tensioning devices are optional.


  • yarn
  • 2 or more boat or other shuttles
  • 12 or more bobbins for boat shuttles
  • reed hook and heddle hook
  • warping board or mill and raddle (or sectional warp beam, tension box with counter and bobbin rack)
  • book (“Learning to Weave” or "The Magic of Handweaving") and videos ( “Intro. to Weaving” and “Beginning 4-harness Weaving” )

Nice to have items - in ranked order:

  1. bench, bobbin winder;
  2. a variety of shuttles, extra reeds, swift and ballwinder if your yarn comes in skeins, fringe twister, temple;
  3. yarn balance, magnifier, Ott light, auto reed hook, treadle tracker or more harnesses.

We have a page on selecting a loom. If you have questions you might want to start there.

4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)