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Glimakra Tension Box

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Glimakra Tension Box



The Glimakra tension box attaches to the back beam for warping. The box includes a counter, tensioning dowel & 2 reeds.

Typically Ships in 1-4 Weeks

Product Details:

Glimakra Tension Box

In sectional warping, you wind and beam on at the same time. With sectional warping it is necessary to use a tension box.  Sectional warping is especially convenient for long warps and very fine threads. The Glimakra tension box attaches to the back beam for warping


  • Shed Maker
  • Revolution Counter
  • Adjustable Tension Dowel to control the amount of tension
  • 2 Reeds to control the width of the warp
  • Extension to place the threads at the correct width on the beam

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