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Leclerc Sectional Warping Kit

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Includes: tension box, electric winder with counter and tension, spool rack and 40 LeClerc spools. Everything you need EXCEPT the sectional beam.

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

Product Details:

Leclerc Sectional Warping Kit

The advantage to sectional beaming is that one can beam a very long, very wide warp without assistance.  Sectional beaming is helpful for somewhat fine, somewhat fragile threads.  Beaming sectionally is also useful when working with yarns that have twist energy in them.  Since the warp is beamed with tension, there is a great deal of control getting the warp onto the beam with minimal tangles.

Kit Features:

  • Tension Box
  • Electric Winder with Counter and Tension
  • Spool Rack
  • 40 Leclerc Spools

Note: Sectional Warp Beam not included.

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