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Weaving Temples

Very helpful devices to maintain the warp width as sleyed in the reed and prevent narrowing. Choose wood or metal; each comes in several sizes:

  • Wood: extra-small for weaving widths from 11" to 16", small for 16" to 22", medium for 23" to 38," and large for 36" to 60";
  • Metal: small for 16" to 24," medium for 24" to 37," large 32" to 52," extra large 39" to 63."

Temples will improve your selvages, your weaving speed and comfort, improve the quality of your weaving, allow you to get a tighter weave, allow you to get a more even beat and make beating easier. As a result, your wefts will be straight and your selvages will also be better.

Download from Glimakra - How to Use a Temple

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4 Item(s)

4 Item(s)