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4 Yard Skeinwinder

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4 Yard Skeinwinder

SKU: NAN-60064R


Commercial grade skeinwinder for yarn shop use, professionals, and for other discriminating fiber artists. Includes Electronic Rotation Counter and counter holder.

Typically Ships within 10 Days

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Product Details:

Nancy's Knit Knacks 4 Yard Skeinwinder

This commercial grade skeinwinder can be for yarn shop use, professionals, and for other discriminating fiber artists.  It can also be used as a swift. In fact, when used as a swift, the on-board ERC can measure the length of yarn that you have wound off of the skein-winder. If you also have the Heavy Duty Ball Winder and Power Base, you may run a cable from the ERC to the Power Base to shut the Power Base off once the desired qty of yarn has been removed from the Skeinwinder.


  • Swift / Skeinwinder
  • Electronic Rotation Counter (ERC)
  • Hardwood Construction
  • Designed and Manufactured in the USA

Electronic Rotation Counter Features:

  • Counts Rotations and displays the data on the back-lit LCD.
  • Can count to 99,999
  • Can calculate yards or meters based on the rotation of the skein-winder (ERC will convert inches to yards and centimeters to meters).
  • User can enter the actual circumference of the skein winder and the ERC will convert it into yards or meters. Or they can refer to the measurements on the Skein-winder arms.
  • User can enter a preset target into the ERC and the unit will sound a tone when that number has been reached and will also shut down the motor drive* if connected.
  • Mounts on top of the skein-winder's main column on an tilted mounting bracket for easy viewing.
  • 12v DC power supply 

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