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Best of Weaver's - Fabrics that Go Bump

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SKU: 9781893762114


Best of Weaver's - Fabrics that Go Bump ed. by M. van der Hoogt

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Product Details:

Fabrics That Go Bump - The Best of Weaver's

Edited by: Madelyn van der Hoogt

The third in a series of Best of Weaver's. This volume explores handwoven fabrics with marvelous and unusual textures: waffle weave, honeycomb, pleated fabrics, rib and cord weaves, seersucker, and more.

Includes comprehensive drafting and designing theory for all weave structures that defy the flat fabric plane; details on fibers and finishing; techniques for controlling differential shrinkage for collapse fabrics; thirty-five unique projects with complete, easy-to-follow instructions.

Soft cover, 107 pages, color pictures.

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