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The Woolery Guild Rewards Program

The Woolery Guild Rewards Program

Guild members can support their guild just by shopping at the Woolery. It's easy when the guild enrolls in the Woolery Guild Rewards Program (WGRP)! Just click on the WGRP link on the guild's website or blog. This link will take members to the Woolery website. Members just place their order as usual. 
Please note that rewards can only be earned for your guild via online purchases.  Our system cannot process phone orders for the reward program.

The Woolery will keep track of how much members of guilds buy and send the guild an annual cash rebate of 5%.
NOTE: Qualifying Guilds must have a Web page or a Blog in order to participate in the WGRP.
Download Woolery Guild Rewards Program Application
Already approved, click to log into your control panel

Woolery Fiber Arts Outreach Grant

All Guilds who are registered in the WGRP are eligible to participate if they are formally organized as a 501(c)3 or other legal corporate entity. 
Guilds are invited to fill out a Woolery Fiber Arts Outreach Grant application and submit it to the Woolery by September 1. Each year, the Woolery will choose up to three winners and award grants to these selected guilds. 
Grant guidelines, amounts available for grants, timelines and specific objectives can be found on the grant application.

Woolery Guild Rewards Program - Frequently Asked Questions

How do we sign up our Guild?

Guilds are invited to fill out a Woolery Guild Rewards Program Application and submit it to the Woolery by mail or complete, scan and email to
The Woolery
Attn: Guild Program
859 E Main St, STE 1A
Frankfort KY 40601

How does our guild receive our rebate?

Payments are issued each September for those guilds that have earned at least $100 in rebates. Your guild has the option to receive the rebate payment via either PayPal or by check. 

How do I make my purchases count toward my guild?

Every you time you plan to place an order online, visit your guilds website, blog or Facebook page and click on the WGRP link. This link will take you to the Woolery website and when you click on it first, the Woolery website can track the purchase you make back to your guild.
Please note that phone orders, in-store purchases and Gift Certificate purchases are not eligible for this reward program. 

Is there a limit on how much my guild can receive?

There are no limits regarding the amount of money your guild can receive.

What percentage of my WGRP purchases does the Woolery donate?

For guild members enrolled in the program, the Woolery donates 5% of all purchases made when the purchaser first clicks on the WGRP link on the members guild’s website. 

In what other ways does the Woolery support education?

We proudly support guilds with innovative giving programs such as the Woolery Fiber Arts Outreach Grant, volunteering efforts and partnerships with educational organizations.