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Majacraft Little Gem Spinning Wheel

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SKU: MAJ-0108


State of the art travelling folding wheel. Especially useful for those who need to transport their spinning wheel but has the capability and smoothness to cater for all types of spinning.

Typically Ships in 3-4 Weeks

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Product Details:

Majacraft Little Gem Spinning Wheel

It's novel, it's small, it's very portable. The Majacraft Little Gem 2 breaks some new ground in spinning wheels and comes packed in its own thermal carry bag. What's special about it It follows the concept of the accelerated wheel. Instead of being driven by rods connected to the treadles, the wheel is belt driven from a small crank between the treadles.

At any given speed, the Gem wheel rotates at around one and a half times faster than a normal wheel. The treadles operate on a unique rolling action over the crank, entirely different from the up and down action of conventional treadles. The head portion is separate from the main stem and is able to be raised and turned to suit the spinner. This is a major development in design where the spinner can feed the fiber straight into the orifice rather than moving the hands or body to suit the direction of the wheel.

Wheel construction is New Zealand rimu high density fiberboard with solid rimu face. Finished in hardwearing precatalysed lacquer. Flyer shaft and wheel are mounted on sealed roller bearings. Delta orifice on flyer. Polycord drive band and Scotch tension.


  • Custom designed shoulder bag
  • Double Treadle
  • Three (3) bobbins
  • Quick change flyer
  • Ratios  4.5:1, 6:1, 8.5:1, 10.5:1, & 12.75:1.
  • Weight: 10 lbs.
  • Wheel diameter; 8.25"
  • Orifice height is adjustable  26" - 28"
  • Sealed bearings (no oiling required)
  • Sliding flyer hook
  • Sensitive scotch tension NZ rimu construction
  • Laminated bamboo drive while that has plenty of inertia and looks great
  • compact and light, extremely portable
  • spins like a full-sized wheel with an easy rolling treadle action
  • compatible bobbins and flyers with Majacraft wheels and accessories


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