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Roberta Electronic Spinning Wheel

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Roberta Electronic Spinning Wheel

The Roberta electronic spinning wheel by Ertoel is versatile, efficient, much quieter than other electric wheels on the market, and it does not interfere with television reception. Adjustable speed control, up to 1200 rpm,120 volts, forward and reverse. 5/8" orifice. Beautifully made from dark Tasmanian myrtle, the Combo model includes three bobbins (2 standard 5-ounce and one Jumbo), a flyer with single sliding hook that accommodates all bobbins and a built-in 2-bobbin lazy Kate. The Roberta weighs only 12 lbs. and is easily transported. Dimensions: 8 1/2"high by 10 1/2" wide and 11" deep. 10-year warranty on the electric motor; one year warranty on everything else. Also features single and dual power outputand a plug-in socket for the optional pause control. 

Options: Pause Control

How you operate the Roberta, there are three controls on all models: on/off, forward/reverse and a speed control knob. For spinning you would normally set the wheel to forward and then turn it on. You will adjust the speed as you begin spinning to achieve the yarn twist you require. For the remainder of the time you are spinning, there will be no need to adjust the speed. To stop spinning, you turn the wheel off.

If you have the optional Pause Control, it works in the following manner: it acts as an on/off switch only. It is set to the "on" position all the time, meaning your wheel is operating. If you want to temporarily turn your wheel off, just push the switch with your foot and hold it. When you remove your foot, the wheel begins to spin again. Such a switch allows you to start and stop spinning without having to use your hand or the on/off switch that is on the wheel. This switch is not a speed control. When you have finished spinning, you must turn off the wheel using the switch on the wheel.

For more technical information on the Roberta, see the manufacturer's web site: