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Lendrum Original Double Treadle Spinning Wheel Complete Package

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SKU: LEN-C0220


Lendrum double treadle complete spinning wheel includes the regular flyer, plying flyer, fast flyer, 4 regular bobbins, 1 plying bobbin, and a tensioned lazy kate.

Typically Ships within 10 Days

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Product Details:

Lendrum Original Double Treadle Spinning Wheel Complete Package

Gordon Lendrum has been building spinning wheels since 1975.  Versatile and very portable. It folds almost flat for traveling and is easily unfolded and reset for spinning. 


  • Double Treadle
  • Wheel Diameter: 19"
  • Orifice: size 7/16"
  • Ratios: 6:1, 8:1, and 10:1
  • Tensioned Lazy Kate
  • Drive band
  • Four bobbins
  • Threading hook
  • Jumbo Plying Head
  • Plying Drive Band
  • 1 Large Bobbin (5:1, 7:1, and 9:1)
  • Fast Flyer (12:1, 15:1, and 17:1)
  • Regular Flyer (6:1, 8:1, and 10:1)

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Product Reviews

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Excellent Wheel for Anyone Review by Kathleen
I started out with a different brand of wheel and it was a nightmare!! I am glad I bought the Lendrum Complete package and didn't give up on spinning. You can spin anything on it and it is easy for a beginner and has enough variety for an expert. It really keeps its value. Easy to take with you and set-up. (Posted on 3/22/2018)
Terrific! Review by Kimberly
I love this wheel. It's no fuss, not finicky, just a pleasure to use. I bought it for a class that stressed we need to know how to adjust our wheels in order to work on some tricky fiber. My current wheel gives me problems in that regard. I took the Lendrum to class straight out of the box, tied on the new leaders to the bobbins, and easily was spinning happily. Such a joy. (Posted on 10/20/2016)

2 Item(s)

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