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Babe Production

Babe Production Spinning Wheel

Both single treadle and double treadle are available. Comes with 5 bobbins (2 Standard bobbins; 2 Lace bobbins; and 1 Ply bobbin). Has a V grove at back of the drive whorl so that when drive band is put in the grove you get a 19:1 ratio. It is also drilled so you can have the Lazy Kate on the right or left side of the base frame. Also comes with 2 lazy kates, a 1/4 lb. of Brown Sheep wool roving, and Babe's Sure Foot on the four corners of the base frame to keep it from sliding on the floor. Orifice is 28" from floor to center of the orifice.

These wheels, using the standard bobbins, have increased ratios: 5 7/8:1, 7 1/2:1, and 19:1. The wheel has a 21 1/4" diameter and is made from a wheel chair wheel with 2 bearings for effortless spinning.

It is very light weight, easy to carry, very portable and easy to pack in a suit case.

2 Item(s)

2 Item(s)