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Ashford Traditional Spinning Wheel - Single Drive - Unfinished

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SKU: ASH-0122


Ashford, Traditional, Single Drive, Unfinished

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Product Details:

Single Drive / Single Treadle / Unfinished - Ashford wheels are popular and enjoyed by beginners as well as professional "production" spinners. This wheel is available unfinished or lacquered as a kit. All you need for assembly is a screwdriver and hammer. A Lazy Kate (for plying) and 4 bobbins are included. Wheel diameter: 22"; Orifice:3/8"; Ratios: 6.5:l, l2.5:l and 17.5:1 for the single drive, 7.5, 10 and 14 to 1 for the double drive. Wood is New Zealand silverbeech. Options: jumbo flyer unit, lace flyer, turbo kit, double treadle kit, extra bobbins, distaff, quill spindle. A good companion book is "The Ashford Book of Spinning."

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Ashford Traditional Single Drive spinning wheel Review by Janet
This is a nice wheel. It's made beautifully, and has a larger diameter wheel than my other spinning wheels. It's so easy to treadle and spin on. The issue I had with it is the small bobbin capacity. I was unable to spin a full 4 oz braid of fiber on just one standard bobbin. I had to get the bulky attachment and bobbins for that. I bought it after I had been spinning a while and already owned other wheels. So I found it a little too basic for me and ended up selling it. But I think this would be a great first wheel for a new spinner. It spins so smooth and nice. (Posted on 1/13/2017)

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