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Ashford Elizabeth 2 Spinning Wheel - Clear Finish

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SKU: ASH-0125


Ashford, Elizabeth 2, Clear Finish

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Product Details:

Ashford Elizabeth 2 Spinning Wheel - Clear Finish

Lacquer Finish - A new improved version of the Ashford Elizabeth, it weighs 20 lbs. and features ball bearings and a wheel with a diameter of 24" instead of 22". Easy adjustment of the mother-of-all for alignment. All brass fittings, double drive with alternate scotch tension option. New higher ratios: 8.5:1, 11:1 and l5:1 for speed spinning. Lazy Kate and 4 bobbins included. 3/8" orifice. Requires basic assembly. Wood is New Zealand silverbeech. Options: high speed kit for double drive wheels (Ratios: 14, 17.5 and 22 to 1), jumbo unit for double drive wheels, distaffElizabeth Flyer, extra bobbins, quill spindle, double treadle kit. A good companion book is "The Ashford Book of Spinning."

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