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Thera Glove, Wrist Wrap Glove, (1 glove)

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SKU: xxx10425


Wrist Wrap Glove, 1 glove. Great for anyone who has pain from working with their hands.

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

Product Details:


These gloves are great for anyone who has pain from working with their hands. They provide a warm relief and comfortable compression support to vital areas of the hand and wrist. The spandex and nylon design acts as a support hose for your hands that enhances blood flow and massages muscles helping reduce inflammation and pain associated with hand and wrist fatigue. Their light weight fingerless design allows total freedom of motion. The Wrist Wrap Glove is sold as one glove.

When ordering the glove, use the measuring guide below to help you determine the proper size to order.

Place a ruler across your hand as shown in the picture.

If your hand is:

2 1/2-3" = Small glove
3-3 1/2" = Medium glove
3 /12-4" = Large glove

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