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Spinning Wheel Drive Band - Double Drive - Poly - 1/8"

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This Polyurethane drive band is approx. 1/8 in. thick and 200 in long and is unjoined. Includes instructions. Will fit most Double drive spinning wheels._

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

Product Details:

Woolery Spinning Wheel Drive Band - Double Drive - Poly - 1/8"

Polyurethane drive bands offer long wear and ease of adjustment. The band stretches so that you can change whorls and flyers without changing you drive band or  (in some cases) adjusting your tension. This band is not joined together so it may be cut to fit and then joined. Includes instructions.

Note about stretch drive bands - with double drive wheels the drive band does two important things: it drives the flyer and it must slip properly on the bobbin pulley to permit take-up of yarn on the bobbin.  We have found that the stretch drive band material we offer allows these two things to happen (with some types of stretch bands this does not happen). You may also use this drive band doubled-up, as a single loop only for spinning with scotch tension.

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