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WPI Tool

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WPI (Wrap-per-inch) Tool

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

Product Details:

Nancy's Knit Knacks WPI Tool

Made from birch hardwood and laser etched, this little tool allows spinners and knitters to measure the wraps per inch of their yarn. Spinners can make sure they are spinning consistently; both knitters and spinners can easily compare yarns and exchange. Kit includes a card with directions and yarn classification chart.


  • Is made from birch hardwood which has an oil stain finish applied
  • Measures 5" in length x 5/16" diameter (Yarn Guide knob measures 5/8")
  • All markings are laser etched into the wood and will not wear off.
  • There are markings for up to 3 inches which allows you to calculate a more accurate average WPI on certain hairy yarns.
  • There are also 1/2 inch marks.
  • A special yarn guide knob is used to hold your yarn in place while measuring the WPI.
  • A special WPI Knit-Kard™ comes bundled with the tool in a ziplock bag. The Kard tells the user how to use the tool and provides a useful WPI chart for 6 different weights of yarn.

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