NKK Yarn Meter II

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Nancy's Knit Knacks Yarn Meter has a built-in tensioner which allows the user to add the correct level of tension on their yarn to ensure that the meter works properly.

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Product Details:

NKK Yarn Meter II

This new generation 2 version increases the accuracy and reliability quite substantially by means of the onboard yarn tensioner. Prior to this development, the user had to run the yarn through their hand to apply back tension to the yarn prior to entering the meter. This new variable adjusting meter, however, replaces the Yarn Meter Plus as well as the standard meter.

Ideal setup 

  • Yarn meter attached to table. 
  • Ball winder positioned about 10-16" from the meter. 
  • The yarn guide on the ball winder turned sideways toward the meter. 
  • The swift should be inline with meter as much as possible. 
  • The yarn ball on floor slightly to the left of the meter yarn guide tower. 

Yarn Meter

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