Heavy Duty Ball Winder Power Base

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Power Base for The Heavy Duty Ball Winder from Nancy's Knit Knacks. The most common upgrade for the Ball Winder is the Power Base. No other manual ball winder in the World has the ability to be upgraded to a motorized unit.

Typically Ships in 3-4 Weeks

Product Details:

Nancy's Knit Knacks Heavy Duty Ball Winder Power Base

In order to have the ability to upgrade to a motorized unit, you must first start wth a sturdy platform. The Heavy Duty Ball Winder is such a platform. Designed to last with heavy duty Swiss gears and large diamter shafts in key areas (3/8" and 10mm). You then need to add a robust motor control system and a motor with enough torque to wind large balls but also not tear the yarn in the event of a jam, etc. (Heavy Duty Ball Winder sold separately.)


  • 10 forward speeds (Run)
  • 3 Jog Speeds forward
  • 3 Jog speeds reverse
  • A "Save" button which saves your preferred speed  
  • Electronic Yarn Meter Interface connection
  • Foot Pedal connection
  • Wooden Safety Guard
  • Auto shutoff feaure to protect circuit
  • Sturdy clamp system that secures the power base to tabel and ball wider to power base
  • Front mounted control panel (membrane switches)
  • Rear mounted Input/Output Panel for cables
  • 24 Volt DC Power Supply 100-240 VAC 50/60 Hz Worldwide Power Supply
  • Front mounted "Power On" LED
  • Maple Hardwood dovetail joint housing with custom 5/16" dia. L Bolts and clamp blocks
  • Effective RPM at Spindle Arm approx. 650 RPM based on a 5X gear multiplier, 100 Ounce/Inch Torque (135 RPM at motor shaft)

Motorized units - how long do they last?

The motor inside a Power Base has an estimated life of 2,000 operating hours. That means that if you ran your ball winder for 1 hour per day, 7 days per week, the motor would last 5.5 years. During that time, you will have wound 15 -20 million yards of yarn.

The motor has brushes that wear and when they wear too much, the motor eventually loses torque (power). But all that you do at that point is call NKK and we sell you a replacement motor for a reasonable price and you install it yourself! You can then wind another 15-20 million yards of yarn. I often tell users it is like a set of brake pads for your car. Once you replace them, the car stops properly again. The replacement motor will allow your ball winder to work just like new. 

The unit uses special drive belts. We estimate that busy yarn shows need to change these about every 6  months or they will become stretched and will not work properly. You simply call us and we sell you some new belts for a nominal fee and you are all set again. Think of these as vacuum cleaner belts but much more reliable (they generally do not break but they do stretch). 3 Belts come with the unit (enough to go 1+ years).

Other than that, the power base needs no other servicing. 

The ball winder itself needs periodic maintenance which is covered under the maintenace section. 

The biggest reservation we hear from potential new users is that they are afraid the unit will break their yarn. It won't happen and we guarantee it. Our automatic slip design will cause the belt to slip on the drive pulley as soon as it sees any resistance caused by a jam, a knot, whatever. The ONLY time I saw the unit break yarn was when I was winding a SINGLE yarn (non-plied) which was so fragile that if you picked it up in your two hands it would pull apart easily. That yarn could not be wound by any machine.

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