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Electronic Yarn Meter

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Standard Yarn Meter - for use with Any Ball Winder. This version is mounted on the Standard Base and can be used with plastic ball winders and for other basic applications that do not require adjustment in from the front edge of the table surface.
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Product Details:

Nancy' Knit Knacks Electronic Yarn Meter

This is a commercial grade measurement tool capable of measuring the length of virtually any yarn at an extremely accurate rate. It is designed to be used with any ball winder or other tool capable of pulling yarn through the meter. You may even measure yarn by pulling it through by hand if so desired. We know of no limitations to its use other than the maximum diameter of yarn being measured should be less than 5/16".

This unit works with any ball winder or other device that can pull yarn through it (even your hand!). But only thePower Base (shown above) will accept a connection from this meter and allow the meter to shut the Power Base off. 


  • Height and Depth adjustments
  • Rotates to provide a 3rd axis with which to make yarn path adjustments
  • Measures yarn in both yards and meters
  • Converts yarn length to weight (ounces or pounds)
  • 1 year limited warranty for both consumer and commercial users. 

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