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IST Crafts Spindles

IST Crafts Spindles

All of Ian's Drop Spindles are hand turned on the Isle of Wight in England from selected hard woods. From the finely turned shafts to the shaped whorl he takes pride in their creation. As standard several coats of a Tung based oil are applied and then burnish. He finds this method brings out the depth and beauty of the wood while providing a protective coat that allows the wood to breathe.

The heart of any Drop Spindle is the shaft - All the timber is hand selected but Ian takes particular care over the ‘shaft wood’, looking for straight close grained timber. The timber is bought kiln dried and then further seasoned in his timber store. It is then cut into billets and furthered seasoned. This additional seasoning ensures a stable and straight shaft

The Whorl
- All of Ian's whorls are made from selected timber on a base of Ripple Sycamore. This provides a number of benefits. Aesthetically the base of the light Ripple Sycamore displays the main timber to great effect. The laminating of the two timbers help to provide a more stable whorl. And last but by no means least this process helps reduce the amount of exotic timber used.

The hook - is a traditional "Sheppard's crook" made from 1mm stainless steel wire so allowing a fine yet robust hook that can be tuned with gentle finger pressure. Each spindle is tuned on a test rig to ensure a smooth and long spin.

Rim banded/weighted spindles - Made to the same shape as the standard spindles with the addition of a band of Brass shavings inlaid in the rim with epoxy resin. In keeping with Ian's environmental policy he utilizes the waste from his brass tapestry bobbin tips, mixed with epoxy resin as the inlay. 

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