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Butterfly Girl Spindles

Butterfly Girl Spindles

Butterfly Girl spindles are handmade from resin, glass & polymer clay with hardwood shafts and sterling silver or gold filled hooks. Each spindle is handmade and unique. 

These spindles spin smoothly, however they have relatively small whorls and most are not rim weighted (although the cut of some of the stones, resin and glass do make the spindle more rim weighted). This means that you may have to start the spindle re-spinning for each length you spin before you wind on. You can generally spin to the floor on most of them without restarting, but a lot depends upon how fast you draft and how well prepared your fiber is. Most of these spindles spin very fast! Great for lace yarns.

From the artist:

"I get a lot of questions about whether or not my spindles will break. If they are dropped hard enough, some of them will definitely break. For the stone and glass spindles, to be safe, you should only spin over carpet. I have not had a problem with the stone or glass on hardwood, but if dropped from high enough, it is possible they may break."

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