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Scarf Weaving Kit - Rigid Heddle or 2 Shaft - 4 Color Ways

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SKU: xxx10844


Alternating Crazy foot yarn with the hand-painted Twizzle yarn creates a glimpse of color -through the window - in a 7 in. wide by 60 in. long scarf that floats in the breeze.

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Product Details:

This new weaving kit, from Deb Essen, is very colorful and attractive. Deb is a 2010 inductee to the Montana Circle of American Masters in Folk and Traditional Art and considers it an honor and privilege to pass on the art and craft of hand-weaving to others.

This kit is designed for rigid heddle or two shaft looms. Alternating Crazyfoot yarn (90% Superwash Merino Wool - 10% Nylon) in Deep Blue with the hand-painted Twizzle (85% merino wool, 15% silk) creates a glimpse of color "through the window" in a 7" wide by 60" long scarf that floats in the breeze.

Pre-wound/measured warp chain, a generous supply of weft yarn, full draw down draft and detailed instructions with tips and tricks for weaving.

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