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Hartman Hook - 8mm - Straight




Individually handcrafted in Ireland of brass & yew wood. The Straight handle is 3.5 in. long. This hook works with a #8 cut or larger.

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

Product Details:

Hartman Hooks

These hooks are individually hand crafted in Ireland of solid brass with smooth "Yew" wood handles. Many rug hookers never use any other kind but Hartman. The ergonomic (ergo) handle has a flattened section making it much easier to hold and use. Available in fine, medium, extra-medium and primitive.

* 2MM EXTRA FINE SHANK ERGO HANDLE is perfect for a #3 cut.
* 3MM FINE SHANK ERGO HANDLE works best for the fine hookers using a #3, #4 or even a #5.
* 5MM MEDIUM SHANK ERGO HANDLE works on a variety of cuts but works best with a #4, #5 and #6.
* 6MM EXTRA MEDIUM SHANK ERGO HANDLE is a little bigger than the medium. It works well with
almost any size cut. It is the first choice for many.
* 8MM PRIMITIVE SHANK 3 1/2" ERGO HANDLE hook works with a #8 cut or larger.
* 9MM EXTRA COARSE SHANK PEAR AND BALL HANDLES are slightly fatter than the primitive
shank. The extra coarse shank is perfect for wide hand torn or cut strips.
* 8MM PRIMITIVE SHANK BALL HANDLE works with a #8 cut and larger.
* 8MM PRIMITIVE SHANK 3 1/2" HANDLE works with a #8 cut or larger.
* 5MM BENT MEDIUM SHANK ERGO HANDLE is made to help reduce wrist motion.

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