• Rosie's Tapestry Bobbin

    These bobbins are made from solid Beech and a bamb
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  • Rosie's Spool Rack

    An updated design makes this spool rack an essenti
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  • Rosie's Royal Yarn Ball Winder

    Rosie's Royal Yarn Ball Winder This is not an exa
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  • Rosie's Tapestry Needle

    $7.50 - $10.00
    These hand carved wooden needles are sanded and th
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  • Rosie's Warping Helping Hand

    Attaches to any floor loom to aid in the warping p
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  • Rosie's Weaving Bench Rockers

    Turn your Rosie's Weaving Bench into a "rocking" b
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  • Rosie's Collapsable Cutter Stand

    Easy to assemble portable stand that is compatible
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  • Rosie's Weaving Bench

    This is the bench we use for all our floor model l
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  • Rosie's Sett Tool

    Use this Handy Sett Tool to needle-weave a sample
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  • Rosie's Rigid Heddle Threader

    Set of 3 flexible plastic threading guides for a r
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  • Rosie's Jumbo Yarn Ball Winder

    This well built, sturdy ball winder will stand up
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