• Rosie's 3 Needle Felting Tool

    This felting needle tool has been uniquely designe
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  • Rosie's Tapestry Bobbin

    These bobbins are made from solid Beech and a bamb
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  • Rosie's Dye Spoon Set

    These high quality stainless steel measuring spoon
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  • Rosie's Spool Rack

    An updated design makes this spool rack an essenti
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  • Rosie's Merino Batts

    $15.50 - $17.50
    Perfect for needle felting, wet felting and spinni
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  • Rosie's LED Pick Glass

    This compact, folding pick glass with LED lights i
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  • Rosie's Plastic Bobbin 10 Pack

    Package of 10 plastic bobbins compatible with a va
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  • Rosie's Plastic Spool

    4" plastic yarn spool compatible with most spool r
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  • Rosie's Cotton Ribbon Yarn

    MSRP: $10.00 - $15.99
    $4.99 - $5.99
    Rosie's Cotton Ribbon Yarn Crafted from material
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  • Rosie's Cat Scissor Set

    Set of four fun scissors that will certainly bring
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