• 19" Mirrix Deb Loom

    Great for tapestry or large bead pieces, the 19" M
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  • 48" Mirrix Lily Loom

    The 48" Lily Loom is Mirrix's largest loom and is
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  • Mirrix Shed Extenders

    $44.80 - $88.80
    Increase the shed of your Mirrix loom to 1.5" with
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  • Mirrix Tall Edition 16" Loom

    An extended version of the standard 16" Big Sister
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  • Mirrix Tall Edition 12" Loom

    An extended version of the standard 12" Little Guy
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  • Mirrix Saffron Pocket Loom Stand

    This stand can be used to hold the Mirrix Saffron
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  • Mirrix Bottom Spring Kit

    $52.50 - $127.75
    The Bottom Spring Kit holds a warp coil (spring) a
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  • Mirrix Shasta Combs

    $35.00 - $75.00
    These combs turn a Mirrix Loom into a simple frame
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  • Mirrix Saffron Pocket Loom

    Mirrix Saffron Pocket Loom The Mirrix Saffron Loo
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  • 38" Mirrix Zeus Loom

    The 38" Zeus Loom ideal for large tapestries, rugs
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