• Leclerc Rachet Pawl

    Rachet Pawl for Leclerc Dorothy and Leclerc Voyage
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  • Flat Steel Repair Heddle - 9.5''

    These repair heddles are specially made. The ends
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  • Leclerc Lease Sticks

    $8.00 - $90.00
    Lease sticks used on either side of the cross in y
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  • Leclerc Heddle Hook - 8.625"

    Leclerc Reed and Heddle Hooks have a curved steel
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  • Leclerc Brake Circle

    $32.40 - $34.80
    Replacement Brake Circle for Leclerc looms. Size
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  • Leclerc Bench Bags

    Bench bags made of durable denim material for the
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  • Leclerc Flying Shuttle

    15" shuttle can be used with a flying shuttle beat
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