• Leclerc Canvas Apron

    $32.40 - $146.40
    Replace the damaged or worn-out canvas apron on yo
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  • Leclerc Larger Table Loom Crank

    Replacement crank handle for the Leclerc 24" 
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  • Leclerc Tension Box Adaptor

    Enables the Leclerc Tension Box to sit in a horizo
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  • Leclerc Umbrella Swift

    Useful for holding yarn while winding into ball or
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  • Leclerc Warp-Cross Lock

    Used to stabilize and lock the warp cross from the
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  • Leclerc Threading Helper

    For use as a harness stabilizer and to support lea
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  • Leclerc Shaft Stabilizer

    For use on counter-balanced and countermarch looms
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  • Leclerc Beater Bumpers

    Replacement beater bumpers for Leclerc Floor Looms
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  • Leclerc Traditional Boat Shuttle

    Commemorating the 125th Anniversary of Leclerc Loo
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