• Leclerc Traditional Boat Shuttle

    Commemorating the 125th Anniversary of Leclerc Loo
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  • Leclerc Belt Shuttle

    $7.40 - $16.00
    These are similar to a stick shuttle but wider and
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  • Leclerc Netting Shuttles

    $4.50 - $6.50
    Used for tapestry weaving and any other applicatio
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  • Leclerc Slim Boat Shuttle

    Beautiful slim maple boat shuttles recommended for
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  • Leclerc End Feed Shuttle

    This is 13" long and come with a wooden pirn. A sp
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  • Leclerc Flying Shuttle

    15" shuttle can be used with a flying shuttle beat
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  • Leclerc Wood Pirn - 7.0"

    Wood pirn for the Leclerc Flying Shuttle.
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  • Leclerc Styrene Bobbins

    $2.39 - $2.99
    Basic plastic bobbin compatible with a wide variet
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  • Leclerc 2 Bobbin Boat Shuttle

    This well crafted closed bottom boat shuttle holds
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  • Plastic Spool

    4" plastic spool reel for yarn is compatible 
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  • Leclerc Boat Shuttles

    $42.00 - $57.00
    These beautiful maple boat shuttles are available
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