• Advanced Swift / Skein Winder

    лв37 198-24
    Skeinwinder designed for horizontal mounting, assu
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  • Basic Primitive Rug Hook

    лв2 811-50
    This handle is large and requires less 'gripping'.
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  • Basic Rug Hook

    лв2 811-50
    Economical rug hooks for beginners. Aluminium shan
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  • Darning Egg

    лв3 244-03
    Wooden Darning Egg Darn the heels and toes of han
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  • Digital Yarn Counter

    лв21 622-56
    A digital table top yarn counter. Compatible with
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  • Fringe Maker

    лв19 027-33
    An adjustable, mechanical frame on which thread is
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  • Hardwood Tack Kit

    лв6 055-53
    Make tacking fabric to a wooden frame easier. &nbs
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  • Lacis Fixed Peg Table Swift

    лв25 087-19
    This unique swift is fully adjustable up to a 72"
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  • Locker Hook

    лв2 811-50
    This needle hook may be used for rug, canvas or em
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  • Lucet Braiding Tool

    лв6 920-60
    This handy tool is used to make a square braid wit
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  • Reweaving Latch Needle Set

    лв9 511-50
    Fix small repairs with ease! Also known as French
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