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Tatami Spindle/Project Bag

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SKU: xxx11970


These wonderful sea grass Clutch Bags have an Adjustable Should Strap and are available in 5 Colorways. They ere a larger than the original Tatami Spindle Bag. They collapse for easy storage.

Typically Ships within 1-3 Days

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Product Details:

Tatami Spindle Bag - Collapsible!
Hand Made in Cambodia

10.5" Tall
10" X5" Wide

Baskets of Cambodia was formed in 1996 in war-torn Cambodia, in villages surrounding the famous temples of Angkor Wat. These product lines incorporate traditional weaving with western style to create an entirely new distinct look in purses.

The company has expanded from is small beginnings, today employing over 200 makers. You may see tawdry imitations of their original ideas, but you won't find better quality products inside and out. BOC is a company determined to return ever expanding wages to the deserving crafts people of Cambodia. The current modest salaries they support are consistently two to three times above what is considered to be "fair trade". This does not include other benefits that they provide, such as health care and education support.
Buying an original styled product from an original company is your way of rewarding innovation, which is the lifeblood of meaningful development. Part of the philosophy of Baskets of Cambodia is to create high quality products which lend pride and self esteem to all those involved.

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