Gifts for Weavers

  • Creative Color Wheel

    Designed using the principles of Color Theory, thi
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  • Inkle Weaving Kit

    Inkle Weaving Loom Kit Everything needed to start
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  • Tiny Turned Beater

    These little gems will make any weaver smile! Idea
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  • Kid Mohair Silk Yarn

    Kid Mohair Silk Yarn A luxurious yarn that combin
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  • Color Wheel

    The ideal tool for your next project. Simply selec
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  • Wrist Ruler

    Leather wristband with engraved inch and centimete
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  • Purl & Loop Minute Weaver Set

    MSRP: ﷼12.323
    Was: ﷼12.323
    Now: ﷼7.394
    It is teeny tiny and super quick. This is ideal fo
  • Purl & Loop Wee Weaver

    MSRP: ﷼10.783
    Was: ﷼10.783
    Now: ﷼6.470
    Purl & Loop Wee Weaver kit includes Wee Weaver
  • McFarland Spectrum Boat Shuttle

    Created exclusively for the Woolery by Wave McFarl
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  • Purl & Loop Minute Weaver

    MSRP: ﷼7.702
    Was: ﷼7.702
    Now: ﷼4.621
    This little loom (2.75" x 2.75") will help teach t
  • Amish Weaving Bench Basket

    These beautiful handmade Amish Baskets are availab
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Gifts for Weavers

The Woolery is pleased to offer a collection of gifts for your favorite weaver.

If you don't find exactly what you want, or would like a weaving gift recommendation, please call the shop directly at 800-441-9665 or contact us for assistance.