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Majacraft Fusion Engine Carder with Drum




Majacraft Fusion Engine Carder comes with drum. Drum is interchangeable.
Price From: $1,350.00

Typically Ships in 3-4 Weeks

Product Details:

Majacraft Fusion Engine Carder with Drum

This is the Fusion Engine, Majacraft's amazing drum carder. Majacraft designed this machine to perform exceptionally, and to reduce or eliminate the common carding issues experienced with other drum carders. The Fusion Engine has a higher and more efficient carding ratio than most carders, so blends fibers more thoroughly with fewer passes. With no exposed gears or belts, and the unique drum design, fibers do not get where they shouldn't and cleaning of the carder is minimized. Removal of the interchangeable drums makes that rare cleaning simple and easy.

Drums are interchangeable and come in three different types. 72 TPI, 96 TPI, & 128 TPI. Use the drop down menu above to select what size drum you want!

The drums are also easily adjustable.

The Fusion Engine includes:

  • Picker tool
  • Two bench clamps
  • Cleaning brush
  • Allen T wrench - 3mm
  • Allen T wrench - 4mm

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